Head of Teaching Testimonials

Andy is fabulous. He is an excellent, highly motivated member of staff. He is passionate about the children making progress and puts a great deal of effort into setting up exciting lessons. He develops strong, but professional relationships with the children and knows them well. He spots who needs special care or a different approach. He knows what they need to move them forward with their skills and is always encouraging and positive. He is a massive team player and will help anybody with anything, way beyond his remit – for example, the other icy morning, he gritted our pathways and car park. He is consistently friendly and cheerful and just a joy to have on the team. He is liked by children and staff alike.

Jo (Head of Teaching and Learning at Kenn CofE Primary School, Exeter)

Andy is an inspiration to our children. He has helped children develop a love of PE who were previously reluctant. He is supportive and helpful towards staff, showing a positive attitude, whilst always remaining very serious about the importance of PE. The biggest accolade that can be placed on Andy is that when I announce in assembly that Mr T will be doing PE for the forthcoming term, I am always met with a resounding YES!!!

Joe (Head of Teaching and Learning at Kenton Primary School, Exeter)